Antique Porcelain Pottery Shards from China

Pip Harris Pip Harris

Chinese porcelain pottery shards have become very popular as wearable art and as collectibles. There are many places to buy them on-line including ebay.

Shards are often used by jewelry designers as bold additions to many styles of necklaces from simple to exotic. They even look wonderful on a simple cord or chain. The antique shards are newly framed in silver so they are, in effect, old and new. They are an affordable way to wear and own miniature antiques!

Buyers should be aware about 2 types of listings on ebay:

  1. Many sellers are misrepresenting their shards as MING DYNASTY which would date them to 1368 until 1644 AD. I think most of these sellers do this inadvertently because they are not really knowledgeable about Chinese history. The pieces on-line that are truly 400 - 700 years old are extremely rare. Most for sale are 100-300 years old.
  2. Many of the very inexpensive shards for sale are painted on old Pottery but the painting is brand new and they are currently being painted in China. Don't be afraid to ask questions before your purchase and deal with reputable sellers who give you honest answers.

The truly antique shards that are more readily available from China are really QING DYNASTY which date from 1644 to 1911. QING DYNASTY (also known as CHING or QIN) shards are usually 100 - 300 years old and have often been salvaged from old garbage dumps and extinct porcelain factories in China. During the Cultural Revolution (1960s and 1970s) much porcelain was intentionally destroyed. Some of these pieces are now being recovered and recycled. You are really buying small fragments of broken dishes, teapots and bowls.
There are many beautiful styles. You can find them in blue on white; many in graceful Chinese calligraphy. Others are colorful pieces of floral designs. Harder to find are the figural pieces representing scholars, dancers, men and women in kimonos, people in gardens and musicians. Examples of Shard Pendants This is the ultimate in recycling!

You should choose shards that appeal to you in the same way that you evaluate art: buy what you like and be sure to buy pieces that give you great aesthetic satisfaction!

Happy hunting!