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Welcome to PIPS TRIP

Glass designed and manufactured during the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s is an exciting and rapidly growing area of collecting. The massive variety in form, texture, colour and technique added to the wide cultural differences both domestically and internationally during these decades means that there is something to suit practically every taste and pocket.

The sheer breadth of quality, style and design from the Scandinavian glass manufacturers including Holmegaard, Aseda, Kosta Boda, Riihimaki, Riihimaen, Iittala, Reijmyre, Strombergshyttan, Orrefors to the Italian glass from Murano, the British manufacturers of Caithness, Isle of Wight Studio, Wedgwood, Whitefriars, Chance, Czech glass from the Sklo Union glassworks and the Mdina art-glass from Malta - means that collections can be based on virtually anything (colour, design, finish, inspiration, a particular company/designer/look – the list is endless) the choice is simply staggering and collections can be added to or evolved in virtually any direction.

Some of the notable glass designers of the period include Otto Brauer, Michael Bang, Per Lutken, Geoffrey Baxter, Helena Tynell, Tamara Aladin, Nanny Still, Dino Martens, Vicke Lindstrand, Kaj Franck, Tapio Wirkkala, Timo Sarpaneva, Ronald Stennett-Willson, Michael Harris, Frank Thrower, William Wilson, Harry Dyer, Domhnall O’Broin, Cenedese, Vladislav Urban, Frantisek Vizner, Frantisek Peceny, Rudolf Jurnikl, Gio Ponti and Archimede Seguso.

We attempt to bring our customers the best quality, iconic designs from the period and always endeavour to offer a wide range of retro glass encompassing as many styles as possible from modernist, flower-power, psychedelia and kitsch. In PipsTrip we are also fans of collection trains, visit Loco Difussion.

Finally, may we offer our sincere thanks to you for visiting our site and taking the time to look around and we very much hope you’ll join our long list of satisfied customers. Pipstrip is powered by Grelly UK.